Based in Cape Town, South Africa Soamers was born from a passion for playing in the mountains and about the gear we use to do what we love. With years of outdoor experience we have a deep understanding for what works, whats superfluous and whats just downright fun.

We currently have a selection of catapult related templates available to purchase and download. Perfect for anyone wanting to make their own custom made slingshot. Files are all editable vector PDF files so of the highest quality possible, they are done to final size and ready to use.

We will be selling products through our store soon.

Wow. Nice template man!

ICVSNew Orleans - USA

Wow, very nice man!

ICVSNew Orleans - USA

Thanks, I’m looking forward to making this ss.

FBTexas - USA

Just wanted to say that I’m digg’n the R10! I feel like I might shoot it better than my other frames.

BillCalifornia - USA

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